Will You Crack The Code ?

Will You Crack The Code ?


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Here is best puzzles,new puzzles,new riddles,Will You Crack The Code ?.

Share the puzzle with your family and friend and see who can crack the code ?


6 8 2 – One Number is correct and well placed
6 1 4 – One Number is correct but wrong place
2 0 6 – Two Numbers are correct but Wrong Places
7 3 8 – Nothing is correct
8 7 0 – One Number is correct but wrong place

What is the Code ?







The code is 0 4 2
Let the statements be A,B,C,D and E.
Now from Statements A,B,D we know that one of the digit is 2 and well placed(third place).
from statements C and E we know that another digit is 0 and its place is first in the code.
finally from statement B we now know that 4 is the remaining digit of the code and its place is second in the code.
Hence the code is 0 4 2




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