Cricket Riddle: How Can 2 Batsmen on 94 runs score a 100?

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Two batsmen are each on 94 runs. 

7 runs are needed to win in the last 3 balls of the last over.

No extras or overthrows are conceded by the fielding team.

Both batsmen score 100 and are not out. 

How is this possible?


Answer to the Cricket puzzle:

This is possible if you include the concept of short run in the riddle.

So the following could be one of the scenarios where both batsmen can score a century without getting out.

Ball 1 : Batsman 1 hits a boundary and gets 4 runs.

Ball 2 : Batsman 1 hits a ball in the gap and they run 3 runs. But the umpire finds out that one of the run taken was short so he only credits the batsman for 2 runs and at the same time both the batsmen crossover. So the 1st batsman completes his century (4 + 2).

There is still 1 run to win and Batsman 2 is on strike.

Ball 3 : Batsman 2 hits a six and completes his century.

So both the batsmen score a 100 without getting out.